Thank You to Our 2021/2022 Donors!

As 2022 comes to a close, it is a time to pause and reflect on the challenges and wonderful changes that have happened to our industry this year. We are thrilled to see orchestras continue to offer live concerts and present creative musical offerings for their communities.

Here at ACSO, we are so proud of the services and support we have provided to orchestras, and we could not have done it with out our generous funders, sponsors, and donors who believe in our mission and work.

Thank you to all these wonderful individuals and organizations that have donated to and supported ACSO’s during our 2021/22 membership year.* Your generosity has allowed us to provide leadership and resources to classical music advocates and organizations.

Your support has helped ensure that even in the face of challenge and change, the classical music landscape of California and the western U.S. will continue to be vibrant, healthy, and connected to its diverse communities.

*Gifts and sponsorships made October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022.

Annual Funders    

California Arts Council
California Office of the Small Business Advocate
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
U.S. Small Business Administration

2021/22 Corporate & Foundation Sponsors    

The Abbott Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley
Arts Management Systems

Kathryn R Martin Next Chapter Coaching & Consulting
Robert Swaney Consulting, Inc.
Viking Cruises (in-kind)

2021/22 Individual Donors

Tara Aesquivel Mireya Jones John R Thomas
Julian Amberg Kate Kammeyer Steven Turk
Cindy Bandel Cristine Kelly Edith Van Huss
Daniel Beckman Bruce Kiesling Scott Vandrick
Jessica Bejarano Evelyn Klatt Tanya Vandrick
Claudia Benike Giuliano Kornberg Amber Weber
Aubrey Bergauer Nuri Kye David & Bonnie Weber
Bonnie Bernhardt Marianne Lacrosse Sarah Weber
Tim Beswick Vance Landis-Carey LaMae Weber
Pamela Blaine Thomas Lang Donna Williams
Leni Boorstin Joanne Leatherby Larry Williams
Nora Brady Deborah Lewis Stephen Wilson
Andrew Brown Nadia Liu John Wineglass
Terry Brown Amber Mackay Mitchell Woodbury
Corrick Brown Theresa Madeira Amanda Wu Chroust
Linda Burroughs Kathryn R Martin Stephanie Yoon
Corrine Byrd Alan Mason & Timothy Rodrigues Larry & Terri Zinkiewicz
Dana Caceres Jason May  
Benjamin Cadwallader John McHugh  
Pam Cavanagh Dean McVay  
Chelsea Chambers Paul Meecham  
Angela Chilcott Mitch Menchaca  
NancyBell Coe Akilah Morgan  
Thomas Conlin Joyce Osborn  
Daniel Cooperman Ellen Osmundson  
Caroline Coward Nikki Palley  
Jeri Crawford Julia Paras  
Florita Davis Stacey Parker  
John Dickinson Terry Pincus  
Pat Dirk Lyn Pohlmann  
Brian Dix Elizabeth Quivey  
Peggy Duly David Ramadanoff  
Kevin Eberle-Noel Ron Ramin  
John Echeto Rowland Rebele  
Carmina Eylar Nicola Reilly  
Patricia Fink Carmella Renton  
Caroline Firman Coleman Richardson  
Joel Forman Andrew Rios  
John Forsyte Jonathan Rios  
Tony Foster Rachelle Roe  
Bronson Foster Lee & Shirley Rosen  
Steve Friedlander Rachel Rossos Gallant  
Heather Gallagher Kelly Ruggirello  
Lloyd Garrison Renee Rymer  
Alicia Gonzalez Phillip Salsbury  
Rick Graves Sara Salsbury  
Noreen Green Alice Sauro  
Loribeth Gregory-Beck Doris Segall  
Kathy Hart Andrew Sewell  
Jim Hasler Cynthia Shillkret  
Jamei Haswell John Shirey  
Mieko Hatano Elizabeth Shribman  
Judith & Kenneth Hearn Barry Silverman  
Catherine Heitz New Sharon Simpson  
Rei Hotoda Stephanie Snyder  
Lacey Huszcza Anne-Marie Spataru  
Priya Iyer Alfred Spruell  
Raymond Jacobs Monique Stevenson  
Peter Jaffe Janneke Straub  
Mary James David Styers  
Eileen Jeanette Robert Swaney  
Sharen Jeffries Edward Sweeney  
Nancy Jenkins Isabel Thiroux  



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