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Past ACSO Conferences

2023: Uplift & Amplify, Riverside

2022: Forward Together - League of American Orchestra's 77th National Conference, Los Angeles

2021: Coming Together, Breaking Through (virtual)

2020: Building Relationships, Building Resilience (virtual)

2019: Making Waves: Began in Monterey, Beyond California, Monterey

2018 Annual Conference, Sacramento

2017 Annual Conference, Los Angeles

2016: Disruption: Creating Opportunities Through Change, Oakland

2010: Come Together. With Force. San Francisco 

2008: Mining California's Musical Landscape, Walnut Creek

2007: Building a Sound Future, Costa Mesa

2006: Don't Miss a Beat... Tune up Your Skills, Sacramento

2005: Nobody Does it Better... Live!, Los Angeles

2004: Made in California: Land of Music Makers, San Francisco

2003: Harmonic Convergence: Music, Management, & Meeting Community Needs, Pasadena

2002: Chords of Harmony/"It's the Music that Brings us Together", San Francisco 

2001: Reach Your Full Potential, Costa Mesa

2000: A New Opus, A New Century, San Jose

1999: Learn the Score, Los Angeles

1998: Masterclass - Polishing our Performance, San Francisco

1997: Musical Models for the Millennium, Pasadena

1996: Four Part Harmony: Volunteers, Musicians, Managers, and Communities Coming Together, San Francisco

1995: All the Right Tools!, Los Angeles

1994: Are we Listening?, San Jose

1993: Changing Our Tune:  New Visions for Making Music, Costa Mesa

1992: The New California: A Capital Vision, Sacramento

1991: (Vision + Leadership) x Energy = Success, San Diego

1990: Innovative Directions, Long Beach

1989: Orchestras Preparing for the Nineties, Fresno

1988: Learning from the Oakland Symphony Bankruptcy, Costa Mesa

1987: Face the Music/Financial Disaster: Avoidance and Recovery, Santa Rosa

1986: Building Relationships that Work, San Diego 

1984: Government - Its Role in the Arts, Sacramento

1983: Classic Knowledge for a Space Age World, San Jose

1982: Charting a Sound Course, Isla Vista

1981: Keys for Survival, Oakland

1980: 12th Annual Conference, Los Angeles

1978: 10th Annual Conference, San Diego

1977: 9th Annual Conference, North Hollywood

1976: 8th Annual Conference, Lake Tahoe

1974: Establishing Directions & Finding Dollars for your Orchestra, Palo Alto

1973: Spirit of '73, Cooperation, Communication, Coordination, San Diego

1972: Why the Community Orchestra?, Sacramento

1971: "To Music with Love", Lake Arrowhead