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Americans For The Arts

"For more than 55 years, Americans for the Arts has been bringing people and organizations together through the arts. Today we serve more than 6,000 individuals representing over 1,500 organizations across the United States.

Our members are nonprofits and for-profits, government agencies and collectives, artists, consultants, students and educators. Our members work with visual and performing arts, adults and children, the business community, policymakers, and everyone in between."

Arts Reach
The Association of Arts Management, Marketing & Development Professionals - Advancing Arts Revenue Growth Together.

Event Safety Alliance

"The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting "Life Safety First" throughout all phases of event production and execution."

League of American Orchestras
"The League of American Orchestras leads, supports, and champions America’s orchestras and the vitality of the music they perform. Its diverse membership of more than 1,800 organizations and individuals across North America"

National Independent Venue Association
"The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) was the driving force behind lobbying and grassroots efforts to pass the bipartisan Save Our Stages Act, now officially named the Shuttered Venues Operators Grant Program, which was signed into law as part of the second COVID-19 Relief Bill on December 27, 2020. The program allocates $16 billion in federal emergency relief via the Small Business Administration, saving the industry from mass collapse."

New Music USA

"We support and amplify the sounds of tomorrow by nurturing the creation, performance, and appreciation of new music for adventurous listeners in the United States and beyond."

SMU Data Arts
"SMU DataArts will build a national culture of data-driven decision making for those who want to see the arts and culture sector thrive.  We will make data useful and accessible to all in the arts and culture field, illuminating strengths, challenges and opportunities for individual arts organizations and for the sector as a whole, to help ensure long-term stability."

Sphinx Organization

"The Sphinx Organization is a social justice organization dedicated to transforming lives through the power of diversity in the arts. Focused on increasing representation of Black and Latinx artists in classical music and recognizing excellence, Sphinx programs serve beginner students to seasoned classical music professionals, as well as cultural entrepreneurs and administrators."

Entertainment Community Fund (Formerly The Actors Fund)

"The Entertainment Community Fund fosters stability and resiliency, and provides a safety net for performing arts and entertainment professionals over their lifespan."

Be An Arts Hero

"Be an #ArtsHero is an intersectional grassroots campaign comprised of Arts & Culture workers, Unions, and institutions in the United States pushing the Senate to allocate proportionate reliefto the Arts & Culture sector of the American economy."

Performing Arts Readiness
"The Performing Arts Readiness project supports a variety of programs to increase knowledge and the ability of performing arts organizations to create and execute emergency recovery plans."


Californians for the Arts
 & California Arts Advocates
"Californians for the Arts is the only comprehensive, multidisciplinary organization focused on advancing and building public awareness of the value and impact of arts, culture and creativity across California. With over 15,000 active subscribers and hundreds of members representing thousands of artists and arts and cultural organizations, we take on opportunities and challenges that no single organization or artist can represent alone."

California Lawyer for the Arts

"California Lawyers for the Arts (CLA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 to provide legal services to artists and members of the creative arts community. CLA is a multi-faceted arts service organization that provides legal support, alternative dispute resolution services, educational programs and advocacy for the arts and justice reform."

Cal Nonprofits

"The California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) is a statewide membership organization that brings nonprofits together to advocate for the communities we serve."

enter for Nonprofit Management

"CNM is an experienced, thoughtful partner offering the expertise and solutions that enable our nonprofit sector to thrive."

reate CA
"Create CA advocates for high quality arts education for all students by providing policy expertise and by mobilizing a statewide network of advocates and allied partners."

he Nonprofit Partnership

"We provide affordable access to high-quality services that are sorely needed by nonprofits today: programming and resources that focus on building the capacity of our local community organizations by promoting collaborative opportunities, enhanced resource development, networking opportunities, custom support services and year round educational seminars and workshops."

Center for Cultural Innovation
"CCI's mission is to support individuals in the arts—artists, culture bearers, and creative entrepreneurs—to realize greater self-determination so as to unfetter their productivity, free expression, and social impact, which contributes to shaping our collective national identity in ways that reflect the diversity of society."

Latino Arts Network

"The mission of the Latino Arts Network is to support and strengthen the Latino arts community and to promote the cultural well being of the communities and artists we serve."

Arts for a Better bay Area

"Arts for a Better Bay Area's (ABBA) objective is to develop a network of artists, advocates, and supporters dedicated to building community-wide solidarity to increase support and equitable access to the arts. As a coalition of individuals and organizations we inform and mobilize the arts community through community-driven action."

San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition

"The San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition (SDRACC) is the voice of arts and culture supporters in San Diego. Arts and Culture organizations join SDRACC to add their voice to the chorus of support for government funding, sound policy, and an educated public to San Diego benefits from a strong creative sector."

Sacramento Alliance for Regional Arts

"The Sacramento Alliance for Regional Arts promotes arts education, cultural equity and the creative sector, building recognition and support for artists and arts organizations in the Greater Sacramento Region."

Arts for LA
"Arts for LA and its networks of local arts advocates continually work to expand the organization's reach and deepen its roots in Los Angeles County neighborhoods and school districts. Arts for LA campaigns to maintain public funding for arts and culture, works to increase access to arts education for public school students, and builds public will to support the arts."

"WESTAF weaves technology, diverse thought leadership, and innovation to energize, network, and fund public sector arts agencies and communities."