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ACSO webinars are 60-to-90-minute online workshops or presentations covering an array of topics from fundraising to development to governance. Webinars are usually free to members and $25 to not-yet-members unless otherwise indicated. 

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2:00-3:30 PM PT

Core Practices that Produce – during the pandemic and beyond

Presenter: Bob Swaney, Founder & CEO, RSC Fundraising

Orchestras rely on philanthropic support in all settings, but even more so today during the post-pandemic audience recovery period. Understanding and employing fundamental best-practices to achieve maximum results is critical for sustainability into 2022 and beyond.

In this 90-minute webinar, Bob Swaney, Founder & CEO of RSC Fundraising will focus on core philanthropic practices that will work for today and tomorrow. Looking through the lens of the donor cycle, we will discuss:

  • How to develop a fundraising program that ties together goals, planning, and timeline
  • How to develop effective goals, plans, messages, and tactics for successful fundraising
  • Key strategies for each Annual Fund giving division that will improve your organization’s results
  • Actions you can take today to get immediate results


BONUS: Free Virtual Fundraising Coach Session for Participants!

Organizations that participate in the live version of this webinar may schedule a free 45-minute fundraising coaching session with one of RSC’s arts and cultural fundraising experts.

As arts organizations determine the next steps for revenue-generation in this extremely fluid environment, these sessions are designed to provide practical, actionable fundraising concepts that can be implemented immediately, regardless of budget size or limited resources.

Since beginning in 2006, RSC’s promise has been Fundraising Growth Now! – even amidst the pandemic and recovery period. In fact, 100% of RSC clients met FY20 goals or raised more than the previous year, and nearly all are on-track for to meet or exceed their fundraising goals in 2021.

This offer is good through December 31, 2021. Sign-up details will be available following the webinar. RSC would be delighted for this opportunity to discuss your fundraising program and results.