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The Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO), founded in 1969, serves over 150 organizations and their 2,000 board and staff members. ACSO’s members are comprised of professional, academic, youth and community-based orchestras, choruses, and festivals in California and the western region.

ACSO is governed by a Board of Directors who hail from arts organizations all over the state of California. ACSO's headquarters are in Los Angeles, but has staff in Los Angeles and Sacramento.


The classical music landscape of California and the region is vibrant, healthy, diverse, and connected to the communities it serves.


The Association of California Symphony Orchestras provides essential leadership and resources to classical music advocates and organizations, encouraging and supporting their artistic, organizational, and fiscal development.

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Cultural Equity and Inclusion Commitment

ACSO was founded in 1969 to facilitate the exchange of artistic and management best practices and build a network between orchestras in the state. Today, that facilitation and network exist with professional development around orchestra fundamentals, including fundraising, marketing, and board development. ACSO values and celebrates the rich traditions, history, and diversity throughout the state of California and commits to investing in training, resources, and services for the orchestral field around diversity, equity, and inclusion in audience engagement, artistic planning, and organizational management and governance.

We support our members in their work to bring music into the world that uplifts, unites, and heals.

We stand for equity and inclusion and against racism and injustice.