The ACSO Awards program recognizes remarkable individual and organizations for their meaningful contributions to the orchestra field. These awards are presented at our Annual Conference to honor recipients in the presence of friends and colleagues and to encourage excellence in the entire orchestra community.

Kris Sinclair Leadership Award

The Kris Sinclair Leadership Award is given to an ACSO Organizational Member that demonstrates recent and measurable leadership initiatives by its staff and/or board in one or more of the following areas: finance, governance, staff development, audience development, education, or community engagement.

This award is made possible by the Kris Sinclair Fund for Professional Development that consists of contributions intentionally made in Kris Sinclair’s name to support professional development and technical assistance offered by the Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO). Sinclair was the executive director of the Association for 31 years and provided members with technical assistance, professional development opportunities, and consultation on myriad orchestra management topics.


2019: San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra
2018: San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory
2017: Community Women's Orchestra

MVP Awards

Initiated in 1996, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards were created to recognize exemplary volunteers, volunteer projects, and volunteer organizations working for California’s symphony orchestras.

2019 Winners

Grace Baldwin, Board Member, San Bernardino Symphony
Linda Burroughs, Board President, Santa Cruz Symphony
Business and Professionals Committee, Los Angeles Philharmonic Affiliates
Lee Rosen, Board President, Monterey Symphony
Anne-Marie Spataru, Board Member, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Sharon Stewart, Volunteer, Pacific Symphony
Autumn van den Berg, Board Chair, Tucson Symphony Orchestra

Past Winners

Elizabeth Dinsel, Mill Valley Philharmonic
Earleen Ferguson Dudley, San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra
Lee Duffus, Santa Cruz Symphony
Julie Han, Youth Orchestra of Fresno/FOOSA Festival
Carol McCormack, Sacramento Master Singers
Laurie Nelson, Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera
Joon Shin, Berkeley Symphony
Fred Smith, California Symphony

Mary Jane Cooper, Santa Barbara Symphony
Pat and Sandy Gage, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Pat Hager, Mill Valley Philharmonic
David Hamilton, San Luis Obispo Symphony
Ronda Latham, Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra
Becky Novy, Los Angeles Philharmonic Affiliates
Joseph Svehla, Pacific Symphony
Judith Valles, San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra

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