Advocacy Alert! Help Pass SB1116: The Performing Arts Equitable Payroll Fund

Our friends in the California theater community need our help. They have been working hard to pass SB1116 which establishes the Equitable Payroll Fund (EPF), a workforce development grant program designed to support Small Nonprofit Performing Arts Organizations (SNPAO) with budgets under $2M - and workers directly - by providing substantial reimbursements of payroll expenses. 

This program will support jobs for anyone hired as an employee by a SNPAO, including both production and non-production employees and administrative staff, not unlike the Payroll Protection Program and similar Federal and State relief efforts.

Orchestras stand to benefit from this fund, so we need to do our part to  support our theater colleagues and help advocate for it.

Learn more about SB1116 here. Then take action. It's time to let Governor Newsom know how important it is to include $300 Million for SB1116 in the budget. This is very easy!

  1. Go to
  2. Purpose of communication: select HAVE COMMENT
  3. Fill in First and Last name and email address
  4. Please choose your subject: Budget May Revision 2022-23
  5. Hit Continue
  6. Select Pro at the top of the page
  7. Paste your message into the body:
    You will find suggested language HERE that you can personalize or you can create your own message letting Governor Newsom know how this program could impact your orchestra.

VideoThen take a minute to watch #SB1116 The Musical. A group of talented theater folks have come together to make the case for SB1116 to a tune you can sing along to!

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