ACSO Guest Blog: US Space Force Song Finds Its Place in Independence Day Concerts

By Retired Major Brian Dix, US Marine Corps, and active conductor and composer from San Diego

In a delightful turn of events, this year's Independence Day concerts will feature a newly adopted song of the US Space Force, “Sempra Supra”. However, if your ensemble's performance of the "Armed Forces Service Song Medley" was arranged prior to September 2022, the music might be incomplete. Fear not, for a quick remedy awaits you.

As of this writing, a published arrangement that includes all six service songs, including “Sempra Supra,” is not available in print. But there is a solution at hand: the Department of Defense has provided a recording that can be used for your ensemble's performance.

The US Air Force holds the copyright and licensing for “Sempra Supra.” They have made it conveniently accessible online through a fantastic all-in-one shopping website for licensing and orchestration purposes. You can find the recording with additional information at

This audio recording is specifically designed for performance use, ensuring a seamless integration of “Sempra Supra” into your concert repertoire.

Your media experts can craft a verbal introduction that highlights the song's originality and significance.

Perform the audio recording allowing the charming notes of “Sempra Supra” to resonate with your audience, then flawlessly hit that downbeat into the familiar and cherished “Armed Forces Medley” that your ensemble is accustomed to.

With confidence, we anticipate that published orchestrations encompassing all six service songs will soon be accessible, providing a comprehensive musical experience for future performances.

Let the patriotic melodies soar, and celebrate this Independence Day with the harmonious addition of the US Space Force's “Sempra Supra” in your concert program.

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