The Johnson Amendment is at Risk Again - Take Action!

The Johnson Amendment is at risk again. This Amendment (passed in 1954) forbids nonprofits from endorsing candidates. We can of course take positions on ballot measures and legislation, but the Johnson Amendment protects us from being pressured to support a particular candidate for Congress, Board of Supervisors, or any other elected office.

Imagine if a major donor asked your organization to publicly support his choice for the Board of Supervisors. Or if a foundation president sent a letter to grantees asking them to publicly oppose the same candidate. The Johnson Amendment protects us from this kind of pressure.

Take action: call and contact your member of Congress TODAY!

1. Please call Congress' main switchboard (202-224-3121) to deliver this message to Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, and your representative in the House (if you don't know who that is click here to search by zip code.)

2. Then use the template below to tweet your Representative and Senators. Diane Feinstein is @SenFeinstein and Kamala Harris is @SenKamalaHarrisYou can find other members of Congress' twitter handles here (note - this list is somewhat out of date, so if your representative isn't listed, please check their website.)

“.[Enter Your Representative/Senator’s Twitter Handle] Partisanship has NO place in charitable organizations – whether churches, charities, or foundations. Oppose all efforts to include a controversial #JohnsonAmendment rider in any legislation being voted on this month.

3. Encourage your colleagues to call and tweet too.

Want more background? Check out, the national coalition of nonprofits protecting nonpartisanship. 

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