California Concerts and Events Calendar Upload

ACSO Organizational Members can upload their live virtual programs for inclusion in our California Concerts and Events Calendar. 
Live virtual programs consist of new and unique content and take place on an upcoming specific date with a clear beginning and end time and are not pre-recorded content. Examples include Facebook Live events with conductors, podcasts, virtual fundraising events that include live performances, radio or television broadcasts, and at-home chamber concerts.
ACSO claims no responsibility for the accuracy of the entries submitted to us, and organizations must be a member of ACSO to be included in this list. If you have questions about whether your concert or event should be included in the calendar, email [email protected].
We receive hundreds of events listings and it is extremely helpful to us if you adhere to our formatting standards so we do not have to manually reformat each listing every month. 
Please upload a PDF or MS WORD document with your concerts listed using the following format:

Day of Week, Month, Date, and Event Time (AM or PM) 
Name of Organization 
Name of Event
Brief description of event
Name of conductor (if applicable) 
Name of featured musicians (if applicable) 
Repertoire Summary (e.g. Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67) (if applicable)
Link to event website/media page

Upload Virtual Events