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The Secrets to Running a Successful Subscription Campaign
with Christopher Stager, CRStager marketing & audience development
It is often reported that subscription sales are in national decline. While the trend may be true, reasons given for the decline are often anecdotal, vague and unmeasured. “People don’t like to commit… People are so busy now… People have so many options for their entertainment dollar.”
Do you want to increase subscriptions but are struggling to figure out how?
Join us and learn how to plan and launch a successful subscriptions campaign with 30-year orchestra marketer Christopher Stager.

You’ll learn how to:   
• Optimize timing for the subscription campaign launch
• Set realistic targets
• Maximize subscription renewals
• Grow new acquisition subscriptions
• Create compelling offers
• Package and price to sell
• Leverage the variables of direct mail and telemarketing to maximum effect
• Reinforce value to subscribers
• Define your total ticket sales objective within the specific context of your community in pre- and post-webinar one-on-one interaction
Subscriptions are the core of an orchestra’s eco-system. High subscription levels drive more than earned revenue. Full houses afford the institution greater artistic freedom. A healthy, growing, replenishing subscriber base is a key driver of contributed revenue. Optimum timing can improve cash flow challenges. This most-committed audience is the very heartbeat of the institution and must be cultivated and appreciated.
This special webinar will explode the myths that “people don’t want to subscribe anymore” and provide you with a comprehensive guide for subscription campaign planning. It also includes customized pre- and post-webinar personal advice and tips specific to your organization and market conditions.


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