Stories are memorable. Stories travel further. Stories Inspire Action. 


August 6-8, 2015

The Westin, Long Beach, CA 

From time-honored method of communication to 21st-century strategic juggernaut, storytelling imparts ideas, shares emotions, and elicits responses that are immediate and memorable. 

Join us this August at our Southern California seaside gathering.  We'll regale you with the stories you need to hear about: what's new and trending, what's evergreen and how storytelling makes it so.  We'll offer insights into those never-ending artistic, financial, managerial, human resources, and strategic issues that permeate our chosen careers.

How can you resist this refreshing invitation?  Dip your toes into the cool, blue Pacific. Visualize unlimited horizons of potential.  Learn from the pros and your peers.  Enjoy superb performances and events.  Discover your own success story!

Connect with Your Colleagues at the Annual Conference

ACSO wants to help you stay connected and get the tools you need to be effective in your organization.

We design our three-day Annual Conference around your needs and in response to industry challenges and trends. We try to cover everything while offering fun, music-related social events and networking opportunities. Conference rates are kept as low as possible to provide access to arts organizations of every budget size.