ACSO offers two consultation programs to its members at no cost to you. We encourage you to explore the options below and take advantage of either or both.


Organization Consulting

California orchestras are changing at a remarkable rate. Will your Board of Directors respond to change with mission-driven decision-making and strategic priorities?

ACSO’s on-site consulting service will strengthen your organization’s capacity for dealing with rapid change. ACSO member organizations can access this important program free-of-charge. Your membership in ACSO always guarantees you access to outstanding consultants, and now, thanks to a generous grant from the Clarence E. Heller Foundation, professional consulting has never been so affordable.
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ACSO Professional Mentoring

At no cost to you, our mentor program provides support for members who are new to their roles or organizations in key management or leadership positions through one-on-one, personalized consultations with experienced senior leaders in their field. The flexible nature of this program allows for a variety of projects; consultations are tailored to meet the needs and expertise of each partner.
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