Membership Rates

$70 per year (students $40)

Orchestras: $200– $3,400
(based on budget size)
Leagues & Guilds: $165
Youth Organizations: $165
Colleges & Universities: $165
Business/Corporations: $350

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There are several ways to join:

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ACSO is the network, the voice and the forum for classical music in the west.

 No single resource is as valuable as the people you know. And nothing opens the door to new contacts and opportunities as easily as ACSO membership. ACSO puts all the knowledge and experience of its members at your fingertips.

The ACSO Membership year is October 1 - September 30.

Your Membership Delivers:

  • Advocacy: ACSO gives voice to California’s orchestras and choruses at the state and national levels.
  • Thought-provoking Conferences & Workshops
    ACSO's Annual Conference offers unparalleled opportunities to learn from top professionals and network with peers at insightful seminars, panel discussions, and entertaining social events. Annual workshops and webinars, many free or nominally priced, are available to help you tackle important issues.
  • Consulting Services
    Professional assistance is available to help Board members and Staff address specific issues and a special mentoring program is available to Individual Members.
  • Exhibit Space at Annual Conference
    Business Members receive low-cost exhibit space to promote products and services.
  • Free Information Services & Web Resources
    Your comprehensive source for online information and reference materials—from job descriptions and contracts to Board resources and promotional material.                        

Q & A

  • Why should my orchestra or chorus join ACSO?
    ACSO’s comprehensive services and programs are relevant and essential to orchestras and choruses of every size and budget.
  • I’m a staff member of an orchestra that already has ACSO membership. Why would I want to join too?
    ACSO also exists to nurture the professional. We provide you with creative, fun, and highly effective methods of carrying out your responsibilities. As an individual member you will receive your own information—from career advice and best practices, to specialized information and networking opportunities. You will also receive your own quarterly newsletter and have access to job announcements.
  • My business services many different organizations. Why would I want to spend the time and money to join?
    ACSO is one of the largest performing arts service organizations in the nation. Membership benefits include low-cost exhibit space at the Annual Conference, access to decision makers, and, equally important, excellent opportunities for networking. Join and learn about the needs and desires of your potential clients!
  • I’m a volunteer. Why should I join a professional organization?
    As a volunteer, you play an important role in your orchestra. Join ACSO and learn how to raise more money, have more fun doing it, and connect with other volunteers through the ACSO network.
  • As a member of an orchestra’s Board of Directors, my time is already stretched to the limit. Is ACSO membership really essential?
    ACSO can help you and your colleagues save time by showing you how to work more effectively and efficiently on behalf of your organization.  Board members consistently tell us their membership has been critical to their success as a Trustee.
  • I’m a musician. Why should I join?
    ACSO membership can prepare you to understand the business side of your orchestra. We invite you to enjoy the benefits of individual membership, including free attendance at the Annual Conference!