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Support Our State Arts Council

The California Arts License Plate program is one of three revenue streams funding the California Arts Council (CAC), a major funder of ACSO and ACSO-member organizations.

Sales and renewals of the tax-deductible arts plate enable the development of arts education and local arts programs throughout the state. Please encourage your patrons and audience to buy a California Arts License Plate.

For more information, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at the California Arts Council at (800) 201-6201 or the special processing unit of the DMV at (916) 657-7654 weekdays.

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Check Off the Arts on Your Tax Return!

Californians interested in increasing funding for the arts and arts education can support arts education programs through the new "Keep the Arts in Schools Fund" on their annual state tax return. Every dollar you contribute is tax-deductible!

Individuals may make tax-deductible contributions in amounts of $1 or more. Arts supporters who use accounting services should tell their tax preparers about contributing to the "Keep Arts in Schools Fund," and encourage others to pursue this opportunity to support California arts education. The California Arts Council will provide detailed information and tutorials on how to contribute as tax season approaches via their website

Speak Up for the Arts!

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